Your Dog’s DNA Test Can Help Cornell's Researchers Eliminate Genetic Diseases 

Embark Veterinary, a research partner of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, is the only dog DNA test using a research-grade 200,000 marker testing platform. You get the most comprehensive genetic information available for your dog---screening for over 160 health conditions, breed mix, parentage and more. Your dog's genetic profile will be shared with Cornell to enhance their research as they strive to understand more about the causes of cancer in our beloved pets.

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Learn about your dog’s parentage, health, behavioral traits to increase your ability to care for and understand your pet.  
Help researchers find the answers we are all seeking to put an end to canine cancer.

Dr. Kristy Richards To Test Cutting-Edge Immunotherapy in Dogs Suffering from Lymphoma.

Dr. Kristy Richards, head of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s comparative cancer program, has a plan to recruit canine lymphoma patients (pets, not research animals) to veterinary clinical trials to test potential treatments - and then, in collaboration with her colleagues at Weill Cornell Medicine, apply that knowledge in human lymphoma patients.  This past September, Dr. Richards was awarded a supplement grant from the National Cancer Institute, in partnership with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, to further explore canine immunotherapy with veterinary patients that come to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

100% of the funds raised by ClancysCure go directly to support canine cancer research at Cornell and we believe Dr. Richards and her team are deserving of every dollar we can provide.  We encourage you to read the full article, as it appears in the latest issue of Cornell University's Ezra Magazine here.

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ClancysCure Featured in "A Golden Gift"

“At one point, I asked my wife, ‘why did we get them, only to have them be taken away?’ and she responded, ‘the question we should be asking instead is, ‘why were they given to us?  We both have since come to believe that the answer is ClancysCure.”  Bill Gorgas.  

This quote is from a comprehensive article about ClancysCure and the cancer research this endowment funds. "A Golden Gift" appears in the summer issue of "Scope" - a magazine published by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Read the full article here.