Chase: The Older Brother Who Taught Us So Much

Our beloved Chase passed away at the age of 13 on March 1, 2016, four months after being diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma; the same type of cancer that took his brother, Clancy, last June.  Losing Chase was devastating and has left a tremendous void in our lives.  He was truly a special dog with a sweet demeanor like no other.  He became our shadow after his brother died and was rarely, if ever, apart from one of us.  The two years we had with him were just as special to us as they were to him.  He changed our lives forever and taught us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life that we all take for granted - - watching the ocean waves for hours, seeking out a sunny spot in any season and tipping his head up to catch the warmth, walking, sniffing and greeting other dogs, rolling in freshly fallen snow and discovering that even in the senior years, squeaky toys can be discovered and enjoyed all day, every day!

Chase loved us as much as we loved him and we are grateful for our time with him, and especially grateful for the four very healthy months he lived after his diagnosis.  In lieu of surgery, which at age 13 would have been too difficult for him, we opted for an alternative medicine regime prescribed by the Cornell doctors that included both Yunnan Baiyao and I’m-Yunity. Both are Chinese herbal supplements that studies have shown extend the lives of dogs diagnosed with this cancer.  We’ll never know for sure if those herbs worked for Chase.  What we do know is that he was happy and energetic until his last day.  In the end, that’s all that really matters.

Chase’s passing reinforces our commitment to the canine cancer fight. ClancysCure supports research that benefits ALL dogs with ALL types of cancer. We would be remiss to not mention that a by-product of adopting Chase and Clancy is our now clear appreciation of the benefits of adopting older dogs.  Their calmness and wisdom come with an underlying gratitude that was evident to us each and every day.  For all of the heartache we feel after the loss of our boys, we would not hesitate to do it all over again.  The joy of having them in our lives will forever be greater than the sorrow of losing them.  They will forever live on through ClancysCure and especially in our hearts and in our souls.