ClancysCure is an endowment at Cornell University School of Veterinary Sciences whose purpose is to provide ongoing financial support for research to treat and cure canine cancer.  ClancysCure also supports research in comparative oncology, which studies naturally occuring cancers in canines and humans, leading to treatments and cures for human cancers.

ClancysCure was founded in September, 2014 in memory of Clancy, our beloved rescue golden retriever, who died at age 9.  Clancy's death of hemangiosarcoma was sudden and unexpected.  This cancer is aggressive and commonly originates in the liver and spleen leading to a tumor rupture that results in severe hemmoraging and rapid death.  Sadly, a little over a year later Chase, Clancy's brother, died of the same devastating cancer.  Chase and Clancy left imprints on our hearts that will always remain.  ClancysCure forever memorializes both Chase and Clancy, as well as the many dogs impacted by cancer.  

    85% of genes are

 shared between humans and canines

Almost 50% of dogs

over the age of 10 will

    develop cancer

     1 in 4 dogs will

    develop cancer in

        its lifetime

Mast Cell Tumors,

Melanoma, Lymphoma,

  Bone Cancer and

Hemangiosarcoma are

  the most common

    canine cancers

20% of Golden

Retrievers will die from


Clancy after his last swim in the ocean. 

        Clancy and Chase on July 4th, 2014

Partner & Cancer Research Advisory Board